Free Mega Millions Generator

Explore the premier online Mega Millions number generator for complimentary access today. Enhance your chances of winning with our acclaimed, reliable, and precise number forecasts. Utilize our Mega Millions quick pick feature for an instant selection of potential winning numbers. Start now to obtain your victorious combinations through our online Mega Millions number generator service..

This free Mega Millions generator is for the main draw, Mega Ball is not included. There are two options availabel for you.

  1. Pick 5 from all available 70 numbers
  2. Pick 5 from top 62 count numbers

The 2nd option takes only the top-62 count numbers in the last 6 months. There is no guarantee that all the winning numbers are coming from this group of numbers. But, if they are, your winning chance can be greatly increased.

Option Winning Odds
1. Pick 5 from all 70 numbers 1 : 12,103,014
2. Pick 5 in top 62 count numbers 1 : 6,471,002

This free generator is good for beginner players. If you like to further increase your winning odds, more analysis results and generating tools are available for members. Get a Membership, or read the testimonies on our .