Frequent Asked Questions & Answers

Understand Us Better Before You Sign Up

1. How to become a member to use all the tools available on the site?

Step 1: Register with a valid email address, and obtain a user name. You need validate your email address; otherwise, your user account is not valid.
Step 2: Choose a type of Membership you want, and make the payment.
Step 3: Log out your current session, and re-Log in to access your new status on the site and use all the tools available.

2. What are the benefits of having a membership?

There are three types of users on our website, Anonymous, Registered Users, and Members. Various types have different access to site functions.

Site Functions Member Registered User Anonymous
Read lottery blogs
View latest draw results
View statistics / charts of past 6 months
Use free number generators
Have a user name
Modify personal information
Have site support
View statistics / charts of more than 6 months
Generate tickets with selected number pools
Generate tickets with personalized numbers
Use MoneyMe number pools
View recommended low-odds numbers
Post comments, requests and feedbacks

3. How can I use personalized number generators?

This function is available only for valid members. As a member, once you sign in, in the menu bar on left-side, go to Member Zone, from the dropdown list, click on Generate My Numbers. You will see several options on this page.

4. Can I get refund if I cancel my membership during my valid time period?

Yes, you can. During your valid membership period, if you decide to cancel your membership, you only need to send us a request by email with your user name or registered email address. The refund amount is calculated by the rest of your valid days, and refunded to your Paypal account.

If you do not have Paypal account, the amount shall be returned to your credit card.

5. Will you add other lotteries to your portfolio, some lotteries that are issued in state or province?

Not right now. We do not create one tool that fits all. We do analysis to each lottery on our website, and create generating tools based on that particular analysis. This way will ensure the quality data that we present to our users.

In addition, winning number patterns may change from time to time, especially after we publish all those videos to reveal patterns at the moment. We are in the process of continuous research.

However, if there is a new lottery that is issued in the country and that pays big, we will add to our portfolio.

6. What shall I do if the automatic Reset Password does not help me?

You will have to contact with your user name and email address. We will manually reset your password and send it to you.

If you have tried more than 5 times, your account could be locked automatically. In such case, we will unlock your account first, then reset your password.