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Everything has pattern. Nothing is random in this world. It is the same with lottery winning numbers. The people who play a lottery with strategy and analysis always win, no matter big or small.

It Starts Here

Winning a lottery is considered by most of people as "Mission Impossible" due to its extremely low probabilities (calculated by mathematicians). But through our observation and analysis, we have found that lottery winning numbers are not equaly selected. Some numbers appeared more than the others. And winning numbers are running on certain pattern in a short time period.

This can be easily understood as a true statement: you can only choose a very small portion in a large school of numbers at a time. For example, Mega Millions. Only 5 numbers are chosen from 70. Most of numbers are left out. No equal opportunity there. Therefore, we created an engine in a computer, did analysis on some most popular lotteries. As result, we found that there are some numbers appear very low winning chance. If these numbers are eliminated, the winning chance can be greatly enhanced (pattern remains, numbers change). Therefore, this website is published to help lottery players who are struggling in frustration.

In order to reveal these patterns, we have created this website that automatically does calculation and analytic work. Our objective is to show lottery players that "you can leave out some numbers" with statistic information; plus, to make their life easier, we create some number generators to assist in selecting numbers for next draw.

The statistics results and summarized information are displayed as they are in its natural course. No extra instruction or bias are presented. We have also created lottery number generators to generate tickets for our members based on refined number pool which contains numbers that have higher winning chance.

We are and will be continuously collecting users' feedback so that we may expend and improve our services and functionalities. We wish everyone to win a lottery and break down "Mission Impossible".