Free Lotto 649 Generator

Free yet the best Lotto 649 Number Generator Based on Stats

This free Lotto 649 number generator provides two number pool options: one is to use all 49 numbers; the other is to use to-45 count numbers. You may have your numbers based on your selection. If you use less numbers, your winning odds can be increased.

  1. Pick 6 in all 49 numbers to generate a ticket
  2. Pick 6 in top 45 numbers to generate a ticket

The 2nd option takes only the top-45 count numbers in the last 6 months. There is no guarantee that all the winning numbers are coming from this group of numbers. But, if they are, your winning chance can be greatly increased.

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Option Winning Odds
1. Pick 6 in all 49 numbers 1 : 13,983,816
2. Pick 6 in top 45 numbers 1 : 8,145,060

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