Free Lotto Max Generator

Use Less Numbers to Increase Winning Chance

This is a free Lotto Max number generator with two number pool options. One is to use all 50 numbers, and the other is to use 45 numbers. With less numbers, your winning chance can be increased.

  1. Pick 7 in all available 50 numbers to generate a ticket
  2. Pick 7 top 45 numbers to generate a ticket

The 2nd option takes only the top 45 numbers in the last 6 months. They are NOT from 1 to 45, but the top-count numbers. There is no guarantee that all the winning numbers are coming from this group. But, if they are, your winning chance can be greatly increased.

Option Winning Odds
1. Pick 7 in all 50 numbers 1 : 33294800
2. Pick 7 in top 45 numbers 1 : 15,126,540

Are these odds still too low for you?
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