Why Choose Us

Lottery Portfolio

We work on the lotteries that pay big in US and Canada, from $5 Million to $16 Billion. Our objective is to reveal to you many facets of winning numbers so that you will have a bigger picture about what numbers to use for your next ticket. By using less numbers, your winning chance can be greatly increased.


  • Lotto Max in Canada
  • Lotto 649 in Canada
  • Daily Grand in Canada
  • Mega Millions in the United States
  • Powerball in the United States

Our Products

Our products are series of statistics information and online tools. Through our continued data analysis, the features of winning numbers can be revealed; furthermore, we create number generator based on number segments. It has been proven that our process works in increasing winning chance for our members.

Products Summary

  • Winning numbers statistics for each lottery
  • Winning number counts in various time period
  • Number charts and sorted tables
  • Winning numbers rank at draw
  • Number generator on selected number pool
  • Personalized generators

Our Commitments

We are committed to continuously contact research and analysis in order to improve the accuracy of the information we present and the tools we create. Our goal is to help our members gain clarity in playing a lottery and to win.

We are Committed to:

  • Be responsible for our good work
  • Present true and quality information
  • Provide useful tools to our members
  • Frequently examine the result of our system
  • Be sensitive to change of lotteries and rules

Testimonies from Members

member testimony image

"I just had my membership today and i played the daily grand using the system generator 2 lines and i won 8$ plus a free play , plus the system generated the winning Grand number. I am happy. I am positive, their system works."


"Last week played Daily Grand. generated 3 lines of numbers with the house generator, got 2 lines winning, 1+B x 2. I paid $9 for the ticket, gained $8 back. This is surely an effective system!"


"I think this system is best that I have used so far. only had it a month and it’s paid for itself. Most of my draws I have got at least powerball. My last 2 draws I got 3 numbers and other 2 where only 1 or 2 numbers away from matching all 5. I feel I have a better chance using this system. "


"This system works like a bomb I got 4 + bonus on the lotto max. Im sure next time will be 6 + bonus "

Mary Lou Sonmor

"Joined, Oct. 18' Winning little amounts, $2, $10, $20, & $50 here and there, so it's enough to keep me going. So far, so good!"


"Your lottery generator is the best I've come across to date. Will try and sign up for 12 months or less just as soon as I possibly can. Having full access to all the tools is best policy. Sincerely: Robert Giguere So far I've won small amounts, latest amount I won $140.00 + 2 free draws"